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Technical Analysis

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TC's pattern recognition software allows you to create your trading strategies from your MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms and identify opportunities in real time. In combination with TC's Daily Market Report (accessible here), This solution is all you need to make your business decisions based on the expert analysis of an award-winning market research company.


The MT5 plugin is easy to use and consists of the following three indicators, which are overlaid on the MT5 live charts. They appear in the list of MT5 indicators, from where they can be dragged and dropped onto the desired chart.

Analyst Views

Monitoring FX, stock indices and commodities with global coverage 24/7, this indicator displays forecasts, comments and key levels from TC analysts directly on the MT5 live charts of the most actively traded instruments (available for 30-minute charts, daily or weekly).

Adaptable Candlesticks

By instantly scanning any MT5 chart for the sixteen most important candlestick patterns, this indicator helps you identify major changes in the supply and demand lines so that you can better determine when to enter / exit the market.

Adaptive divergence convergence (ADC)

Inspired by MACD and designed to adapt and lengthen during lateral movements, this indicator provides you with timely technical signals to facilitate your short-term trading (long and short entry / exit signals, slow and fast price indicators, raw signal lines and smooth, slow and fast oscillators).


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