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Royal Capital LTD (SV)

ROYAL CAPITAL LTD (SV) is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as an international business company with registration number 25642 BC 2019. The objects of the company are all matters not prohibited by the International Business Companies (Amendment and Consolidation) Act ). provide brokerage, training, and account management services in foreign exchange, commodities, indices, CFDs, and leveraged financial instruments. If you wish to consult our certification directly at the SV Financial Services Authority, you can contact us directly at:

Phone: +1 (784) 456 2577

ROYAL OTC (Belaruse) It is the commercial registry of Royal Capital LTD in Belarus.

Royal OTC is regulated by The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

The NBRB is endowed with the status of the sole regulator in all aspects of the operation of Forex OTC activities for all entities involved in transactions with non-deliverable OTC financial instruments.


Having an NBRB license brings several benefits and ensures the reliability and transparency of all operations carried out due to the strict supervision of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus for compliance.


Phone: +8 (017) 375-20-02


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* 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money. Any trading and execution of orders mentioned on this website is carried out by and through Royal Capital LTD.