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Trade FOREX with Royal Capital

Reasons to trade Forex with Royal Capital

Access 182 major, minor and exotic currency pairs, plus spot metals

Trade over 70 currency crosses

Flexible trade sizes

Market access from desktop, web and mobile platforms

24-hour trading from Sunday at 23:00 to Friday at 23:00 CET

Develop and implement your own algorithmic trading strategies

Low margin requirements

Free daily and intraday market analysis and commentary

Flexible conditions and technologies to meet your needs

Whether you are just starting out in forex trading or an experienced trader, Royal Capital Ltda offers flexible terms and adaptable technologies to meet your needs. Our dedicated staff is available during business hours to take your calls and assist you with whatever you need.


More than 20 international raw materials to operate Flexibility in the size of operations Cash and forward contracts


More than 70 currency crosses to trade Competitive commissions Free market analysis

Stock Indices

More than 10 indices to trade High leverage Exposure to markets in its entirety

Stay informed with Royal Capital analysis

Trade with confidence anytime with our Forex Market Insights, offering daily and intraday commentary and analysis direct from Royal Capital's market strategy team.


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* 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money. Any trading and execution of orders mentioned on this website is carried out by and through Royal Capital LTD.