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AML and KYC Policies



To ensure compliance with international trade regulations, we operate exclusively in accordance with the legislation on the fight against illicit money laundering and the financing of terrorism. To monitor compliance with legal requirements and FATF recommendations, we have established a compliance department that develops Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer (AML / KYC) procedures, mandatory for all employees and customers and determining the policy of commitment to anyone who intends to become our client.

The Compliance Department ensures that all Company operations are consistent with international standards to combat money laundering and that all documents provided by the Client are up to date and comply with relevant legal requirements.



You agree to such Company requirements and agree to follow them

As our client, you irrevocably accept the following rules and undertake to observe them:


1. You are required to follow our AML and KYC requirements while you are our customer. At the request of the Company, you must provide the additional documents and information.


 2. The completion of the respective KYC questionnaire may also be a requirement

mandatory by exclusive decision of the Company.


3. Withdrawal of any assets is made only to the account that belongs to you. Withdrawal of Assets to third parties is prohibited. Internal transfers between company customers without prior written authorization are also prohibited.


4. The Company is obligated and has the right, without obtaining prior consent, to share with financial institutions and law enforcement agencies any information about you, as required by applicable law, and you give the Company your consent for these actions. To comply with this paragraph, the Company maintains a record of its transactions for at least the last five years.


5. You agree to follow the law, including international laws, in order to combat illicit trafficking, financial fraud, money laundering and the legalization of funds obtained through illegal means. You must do everything possible to avoid direct or indirect participation in illegal financial activities and any illegal transactions using the Company's website and services.


6. You guarantee the legal origin, legal ownership and the right to use the assets transferred to your account. In case of evidence of suspicious transactions in your account, replenishments of cash from unreliable sources (for example, the data of the sender of the assets and the owner are different) and/or any action with attributes of fraud (including any refund or cancellation of payments), the Company reserves the right to conduct an internal investigation, block or close any account, cancel any payment or trade order and suspend operations on the accounts before the end of the official investigation. In making the decision, the Company is guided by the provisions of applicable law, FATF recommendations or common practice.


7. The Company has the right to request additional information about you if the withdrawal method is different from the deposit method. The Company also reserves the right to block your account during the investigation if you refused to provide the additional information requested by the Company.


8. In the course of the investigation, the Company has the right to request additional copies of documents confirming its identity or the identity of other persons in the corporate structure, as well as documents confirming the place of residence and legal possession and origin law of the funds.


9. Royal Capital is also entitled to demand delivery of original documents for review in case of doubt by the Company


10. The Company does not provide Services to individuals and legal entities that are located in jurisdictions that are on the FATF "black list". In addition, the Company does not provide services to US citizens and residents.


11. The Company refuses to carry out the operations that from the point of view of the Company are considered suspicious. The use of preventive measures (such as the blocking or closing of any account) is not a reason for civil liability of the Company for the breach of its obligations to you.


12. The Company is under no obligation to inform you or others of measures taken to comply with AML/CFT legislation. In addition, the Company is not obliged to inform you or others about any suspicions, about the reasons for the refusal to execute your trading order, the refusal to open the account, the need to provide any documents, etc.


13. This document is only a summary, which is intended to clarify our rights and our intention to contribute to the global AML initiative.


14. This anti-money laundering and know your customer policy is an integral part of any agreement entered into between you and the Company. Failure to comply with this policy may be grounds for termination of the contract at the sole discretion of the Company.


15. You must provide a series of documents to comply with the validation requirements of your data,


16. The same must be presented by the client immediately during the registration process, each client provides personal information, specifically: full name; Date of Birth; country of origin; and full residential address.

The following documents are necessary to verify personal information:


17. You will need to submit the following documents to comply with the KYC requirements and to confirm the indicated information:


18. A document that proves your identity.

Can be:

• Passport

• National identity document

19. The identity document must clearly show the following:

• Your full name

• Date of your birth

• Date of Expiry

• Images must be clear and visible.

20. The minimum period of validity of the identity document must be 6 months before the expiration date and not expired.


21. Any second document that confirms identity (driver's license, insurance certificate, passport to travel abroad).


22. Document proving residence address

The document confirming the residence address must be a photo of any of the following documents:

• Bank account or credit card statement

• Utility bill, this could be water, electricity, phone or gas


23. Your document confirming residence address must clearly show the following:

• Full name

• Full address

• Barcode


24. Your residential address: This address must correspond to the address you provided when registering your account.


25. The document confirming the residence address must have been issued with dates from the last 3 months to 6 months.


26. Photo of two sides of the card with which the deposit was made on the platform. At the same time, it is necessary to leave visible the first 6 and the last 4 digits (on both sides), the 3 numbers (CVV) must be closed/covered on the back of the bank card. The owner's name (if written on the card) and its validity period must also be visible. If the card has a signature, it must be signed in the signature field.


27. Documents can be provided in PDF, JPG or PNG format and should be sent to [email protected] or you can upload them on the digital platform or Dashboard at /check


28. Due to the company's commitment to AML and KYC policies, each client of the company is required to complete a verification procedure.


29. Before Royal Capital enters into any cooperation with the client, the firm ensures that satisfactory evidence is submitted or other steps are taken that produce satisfactory evidence of the identity of any client or counterparty.


30. The company also applies heightened scrutiny to customers, who are residents of other countries, identified by credible sources as countries, that have inadequate AML standards or may pose a high risk of crime and corruption, and to beneficial owners who reside in and whose funds are from named countries.


31. The validation time of your data is immediate; however Royal Capital will have a maximum period of 7 business days to validate the information provided by the client.


32. In addition, it is important to understand that without the necessary documents duly validated, withdrawing or depositing funds from your account is impossible.






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