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Frequent questions

Here you will find RCM's answers to your most frequently asked questions. Please contact us for any other questions or information.


How do I open an account managed by Royal Capital?


To open an account managed by Royal Capital, all you have to do is fill out the legal contract to formalize an agreement or directly fill out the ONLINE ACCOUNT OPENING record.

Any of the 2 procedures must be accompanied by a copy of the Identity Card and a copy of a basic receipt such as: Water, Electricity, Telephone or CableTV.


How do I make capital contributions to my account?


Capital contributions to operating accounts are made through Wire Transfer (International Transfer between Banks)


What security do I have when investing through Royal Capital?


Your account will be open with Royal Capital, STP Broker Firm, an entity registered and regulated by the SV FSA Financial Services Authority, so that all procedures will always be monitored to provide greater reliability to each of our clients.


What platforms can I get when trading with Royal Capital?


MT4, MT5, Royal Web Trade


In which products can Royal manage my funds?

We offer a wide range of market assets, with different investment instruments such as: Futures, Options, CFDs, ETFs.

These instruments are negotiable in the following markets:

Raw Materials


What is the minimum amount to activate an account managed by Royal?

The minimum transaction for an operating account is around US $ 750.


What are the commissions of the managed accounts?


Royal Capital maintains the form of commissions on returns (Over Profit), which vary according to the level of the operating account.

Micro Account: 20%
Classic Account: 15%
Gold Account: 10%


Do I need to have experience as a Trader for managed accounts?


Managed accounts are operated by expert Traders, with extensive experience and derivatives management licenses.

For this reason, as an investor you do not need to have a broad technical level so that one of our trader can advise you.


How can I withdraw dividends from my managed account?

To request funds from your portfolio, simply fill out a simple fund request form.





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* 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money. Any trading and execution of orders mentioned on this website is carried out by and through Royal Capital LTD.