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Company information

Since 1998, the Royal Capital company has expanded all over the world, due to its strong trading platform it has diversified its operations and segregated its services into different companies that represent the high standards of portfolio management.


RC has been presenting the Latin market since 2005 with a wide range of investment systems and broad vehicles for portfolio diversification, where it offers an increasingly globalized base of experienced retail and institutional clients seeking high quality and award-winning trading technology in line, expanding its services through such an award-winning platform as Royal Capital, we have a significant presence in some 20 countries in the world including USA, Canada, China, India, Jordan, Czech Republic, South Africa, etc., with a constant vision towards even greater expansion throughout the financial world.


RC is the product of a great vision that involves many like-minded individuals in the investment community around the world. The objective is to attract both institutional and private clients closer to financial markets by offering more access, better prices and more opportunities in the new dynamic era of e-commerce. We provide our client with a special financial service with significantly lower commissions and great profit potential for our clients by making available sophisticated online services with reduced costs - coupled with more accurate quotes, better facilities to operate fully and to better respond to the needs of our customers.



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* 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money. Any trading and execution of orders mentioned on this website is carried out by and through Royal Capital LTD.